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مقالات خارجی (ISI)
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Modifying genetic algorithm by dynamic memory and solution reconstructing mechanism for selectivity control of chemical sensors. 2021. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems July 2021
A continuous high voltage electrostatic field system for thawing food materials. Journal of Agricultural Engineering June 2021
Decontamination of whole strawberry via dielectric barrier discharge cold plasma and effects on quality attributes. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation October 2020
Ultrasonically improved convective drying of peppermint leaves: Influence on the process time and energetic indices. Renewable Energy June 2020
Fish freshness categorization from eyes and gills color features using multi-class artificial neural network and support vector machines. Aquacultural Engineering August 2020
Integration of wavelet network and image processing for determination of total pigments in bitter orange (Citrus aurantium L.) peel during ripening. Journal of Food Process Engineering May 2019
On the feasibility of metal oxide gas sensor based electronic nose software modification to characterize rice ageing during storage. Journal of Food Engineering March 2019
Sensitivity analysis pertaining to effective parameters on electrohydrodynamic drying of porous shrinkable materials. Drying Technology January 2019
Stress fissuring and process duration during rough rice convective drying affected by continuous and stepwise changes in air temperature March 2018
Classification of bitter orange essential oils according to fruit ripening stage by untargeted chemical profiling and machine learning. Sensors June 2018
Multi-stage intermittent drying of rough rice in terms of tempering and stress cracking indices and moisture gradients interpretation. Drying Technology August 2017
Multi-sensor data fusion in the nondestructive measurement of kiwifruit texture. Measurement April 2017
Indirect forced solar drying of banana slices: phenomenological explanation of non-isotropic shrinkage and color changes kinetics. International Journal of Green Energy November 2017
Early detection of freezing damage in sweet lemons using Vis/SWNIR spectroscopy. Biosystems Engineering December 2017
Energy and quality aspects for fixed deep bed drying of paddy. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews April 2017
Developing an electronic portable device based on dielectric power spectroscopy for non-destructive prediction of date moisture content. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical August 2016
Dehydration characteristics of whole lemons in a convective hot air dryer. Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering September 2016
Dehydration behaviour, mathematical modelling, energy efficiency and essential oil yield of peppermint leaves undergoing microwave and hot air treatments. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews May 2016
Quality assessment and modeling of microwave-convective drying of lemon slices. Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food July 2016
Comparing sprayer quality equipped with a telescopic boom with conventional sprayers in orchards in Iran. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology May 2016


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