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مقالات تحت داوري
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Quality assessment and modeling of microwave-convective drying of lemon slices Spring 2015
Assessing confined and semi-confined compression curves of highly calcareous remolded soil amended with farm yard manure Spring 2015
طراحي و ساخت مکانيزم بردارنده و انتقال دهنده بوته خشک لوبيا Spring 2015
طراحی، ساخت و ارزیابی بوم تلسکوپی سمپاش باغات Spring 2015
Investigating rough rice drying kinetics at various thin layers of a deep bed Spring 2015
مقالات چاپ شده
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Mass transfer characteristics during convective, microwave and combined microwave-convective drying of lemon slices Summer 2013
Detecting bunch withering disorder in date fruit by near infrared spectroscopy Summer 2013
Head rice yield response to low and high drying and tempering conditions Spring 2013
Comparison of linear and non-linear calibration models for non-destructive firmness determining of ‘Mazafati’ date fruit by NIR spectroscopy Spring 2013
Vibration effect on particle bed aerodynamic behavior and thermal performance of black tea in fluidized bed dryers Summer 2012
Investigating energy consumption and quality of rough rice drying process using a grain heat pump dryer Summer 2012
Experimental study of deep-bed drying kinetics of rough rice Summer 2012
Influence of moisture content and whitening method on degree of milling and head rice yield of three Iranian rice varieties Summer 2012
Artificial neural network modeling of process and product indices in deep bed drying of rough rice Summer 2012
Comparison of coefficient of variation with non-uniformity coefficient in evaluation of grain drills Summer 2011
Long-term impacts of municipal solid waste compost, sewage sludge and farmyard manure application on organic carbon, bulk density and consistency limits of a calcareous soil in central Iran. Summer 2010
مقالات ارائه شده در همایش¬های ملی و بين المللي
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Investigating combined microwave-assisted convection drying of lemon slices September 2011
Head rice yield prediction of rough rice in multi-pass drying using artificial neural network June 2011
Prediction of process and product parameters in deep bed drying of rough rice using artificial neural network June 2010
Modeling of rough rice drying kinetics using artificial neural network June 2010


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