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مقالات چاپ شده
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Shear strength of repacked remoulded samples of a calcareous soil as affected by long-term incorporation of three organic manures in central Iran Summer 2010
Development and performance assessment of a DC electric variable-rate controller for use on grain drills Summer 2010
Long-term impacts of municipal solid waste compost, sewage sludge and farmyard manure application on organic carbon, bulk density and consistency limits of a calcareous soil in central Iran. Summer 2010
Physical properties of two rough rice varieties affected by moisture content Summer 2010
مقالات ارائه شده در همایش¬های ملی و بين المللي
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Confined and semi-confined compression curves of highly calcareous soil amended with organic manures June 2010
Prediction of process and product parameters in deep bed drying of rough rice using artificial neural network June 2010
Modeling of rough rice drying kinetics using artificial neural network June 2010
Effect of different drying methods on whole lemon fruit colour and quality indices June 2009
Shear strength parameters of a calcareous soil as affected by long-term application of organic matter in wheat-maize June 2009
Effect of long-term incorporation of organic manure on physical and mechanical properties of a silty clay loam soil June 2009
Correlation of milling quality parameters to physical properties of rice June 2009
Colour and quality indices assessment of lemon slices during different drying methods June 2009
Design and development of a heat pump rough rice dryer October 2008
Effects of two rice miller types on milling characteristics of three varieties at different moisture contents October 2008
Design and development of a variable-rate seeder: A study of time of response October 2008
Relationship between head rice yield and mechanical properties of two rice verities in central Iran June 2008
Seed uniformity of metering devices in a grain drill used as a variable-rate seeder June 2008
An investigation into the rollover conditions of a light off-road vehicle with consideration of soil-tire interaction June 2007
Study of vibration effect on particle bed aerodynamics and thermal performance of black tea drying in fluidized bed January 2004
Effect of forward speed and gang angle of a new powered disk harrow on tractor slippage and draft requirement. June 2000