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Off-road Vehicles

This course is an undergraduate course which is intended for engineers and engineering students in agricultural machinery engineering. It describes the functional performance of agricultural tractors - how and how well they perform the load-pulling function for which they were designed. It treats the tractor in terms of the fundamentals of the subject and consequently is not limited to any type, size or make of tractor.

This course is for students of professional agricultural engineering or equivalent subjects for mechanical engineers and assumes:

  • A knowledge of basic mechanics, stress analysis, soil mechanics and power transmission elements appropriate to second year professional engineering courses;
  • A general knowledge of the layout and operation of the tractor.

The course develops the subject of tractor performance through the common alternative techniques used in engineering analysis: ideal, i.e. theoretical simple mechanics; experimental (ideal/firm surface, measurement based); theoretical (soft surface); empirical (soft surface).

The course contents include:

  • Review of physical and mechanical properties of agricultural soils
  • Traction principles for off the road vehicles and tractive performance
  • Semi-theoretical method of tractive analysis
  • Empirical method of tractive analysis based on dimensional analysis
  • Statics and dynamics of farm tractors
  • Chassis mechanics
  • Mechanics of hitching system
  • Determination of tractor center of gravity and moment if inertia

Strength of Materials

Grading Policy: 

The approximate mark distribution (culminating to the final grade) for this course, will be made up of the following components. The instructor reserves the right to alter these weights slightly and it is usual that a "pass" in this course requires a "pass" of both the mid-term and the final exam.

(i) Attendance and weekly practical test ------------------ 20%

(ii) Laboratory reports---------------------------------------- 20%

(iii) Midterm examination ----------------------------------- 30%

(iv) End of semester examination -------------------------- 30%


Fall Semesters

Fall Semesters

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